Hearing Aid Ratings - Hearing Aid Reviews

Whilst trying to find a hearing aid instrument for our mother, we found a lot of interesting facts that could possibly help others get to know more about the world of hearing loss. Here we will show how we did the hearing aid comparisons and some hearing aid ratings. Join us in the quest of reviewing and comparing the best hearing aids.

Rayovac Hearing Aid Batteries

Rayovac hearing aid batteries are said to be the longest lasting batteries for most suitable hearing aids. Rayovac zinc air hearing aid batteries will offer higher operating voltage without sacrificing long life. This battery allows severe hearing-impaired people to have long operating hours on most of the high-tech digital or programmable aids.

A list of what sizes Rayovac does for hearing aid batteries.

i) Size 10 (or 230)
ii) Size 312
iii) Size 13
iv) Size 675

Rayovac has got a range of hearing aid batteries:

Rayovac ProLine Advanced
Rayovac Cochlear Plus (Rayovac Cochlear Advanced)
Rayovac Extreme Performance
Rayovac ProLine Mercury Free