Hearing Aid Ratings - Hearing Aid Reviews

Whilst trying to find a hearing aid instrument for our mother, we found a lot of interesting facts that could possibly help others get to know more about the world of hearing loss. Here we will show how we did the hearing aid comparisons and some hearing aid ratings. Join us in the quest of reviewing and comparing the best hearing aids.

Bluetooth Hearing Aids - Hearing Aids With Bluetooth Technology

Bluetooth capable hearing aids allow communication with other people wirelessly, helping people to hear better, hear more comfortably and conveniently. This is ever more important in today’s fast-paced society as there is a growing use of modern technology which includes mobile phones and video conferencing.

The advantages of Bluetooth hearing aid is the convenience and ease when you want to speak to someone on your mobile phone, without compromising clarity.
With this in mind, many companies now develop hearing aids with bluetooth. Below are some examples.

1) Phonak Smartlink

With the use of hearing aids with Bluetooth technology in the Phonak Smartlink all incoming calls are automatically directed to the hearing aid, providing your mobile phone is switched on – this will continue to function even if the Phonak Smartlink is switched on or off. However, the mobile phone must be within 2-3 metres range of the Phonak Smartlink and you need to use your mobile phone if you are dialling out.

With the Phonak FM systems, you can listen to music without worrying because there is priority to incoming calls. The automatic decrease of the audio signal allows the person to hear their mobile phone ring clearly.

2) Oticon Epoq

The device Oticon Epoq Streamer is worn on the body and allows signals from your mobile phone to be streamed wirelessly into the Oticon hearing aids. If you have two hearing aids, the sound will be directed to both the ears without having to coordinate their actions. The device can also be used as a remote control to adjust the volume of the hearing aid.

The Epoq Oticon Streamer uses Bluetooth technology and is compatible with most Bluetooth enabled sound sources on the market – these include mobile phones, mp3, and computers.

3) Acuris Siemens Hearing Aids
The Acuris Siemens hearing aid uses the e2e wireless technology, which allows total automatic wireless synchronization, especially when two siemens hearing aids are worn. Also, the one-touch control allows changes in the listening programme or volume to occur at the same time for both of the hearing aids.

4) Bernafon Xtreme

The Bernafon Xtreme is compatible with the ELI ear-level Bluetooth receiver and a universal direct-audio-input adaptor to allow you to use your Bluetooth capable mobile phone hands-free.