Hearing Aid Ratings - Hearing Aid Reviews

Whilst trying to find a hearing aid instrument for our mother, we found a lot of interesting facts that could possibly help others get to know more about the world of hearing loss. Here we will show how we did the hearing aid comparisons and some hearing aid ratings. Join us in the quest of reviewing and comparing the best hearing aids.

Widex Hearing Aids

There are many Widex hearing aids to choose from and the product chosen will depend on many factors, examples which include the type and degree of the hearing loss and affordability.

The Widex hearing aid product range includes:

1) Widex Inteo:
- Premier digital Widex hearing aids
- Small, discrete and easy to operate
- Integrates Signal Processing (ISP) which has high processing and communication levels.
- Multi-directional feedback cancelling system
- Has a 15-channel adaptive directional microphone system
- Able to bring high pitched sounds that you cannot hear to a lower pitch range to help you hear
- Detects and enhances speech, regardless of the environment noise and location of the person who is talking
- Automatic

2) Widex Aikia:
- High-level ISP digital Widex hearing aids
- Exceptional performance in sound quality even in noisy environments
- More detailed hearing and has dynamic integrator system
- Multi-directional feedback cancelling system
- More flexible hearing as it enhances sound from a distance and allows soft sounds to become more audible
- 10-channel
- Sound is able to be more focussed, regardless of its direction
- Automatic
- Open-fit models are available

3) Widex Diva (also known as Widex Senso Diva):
- High-level digital Widex hearing aids
- Automatically adjusts to the user’s surroundings to give clear speech and noise reduction
- Soft sounds are more audible
- 15 channels
- Consumption of battery power is lower in relation to the hearing aid complexity
- Has dual microphone technology with digital signal processing techniques enabling the hearing aid to locate the source of the noise and adjust its microphone to reduce the noise
- Feedback cancelling system
- Great for music lovers as there is a special music programme which preserves the full acoustic music dimension

4) Widex Flash:
- A mid-level, lower priced range of Widex hearing aids with flash ISP technology
- Automatic
- Dynamic integrator
- 5 Channels and 5 bands
- Automatically adjusts to the user’s surroundings to give clear speech and noise reduction
- Flash locator system with adaptive dual microphone technology
- Flash feedback cancelling system
- Customised listening programmes

5) Widex Vita (also known as Widex Senso Vita):
- Advance mid-level digital Widex hearing aids
- Uses an omnidirectional microphone as well as a directional microphone - Combi-Mic Technology
- Uses the SoundShape system to automatically adjust the sounds to be more comfortable and amplified
- Reduces noise and optimises speech sounds
- Stabilizes sound
- Has four listening programmes which include for quiet environments, noisy environments, when you want to use the telephone and when you want to use the telephone and still be able to hear surrounding sounds.

6) Widex Bravissimo:
- Lower cost, basic digital Widex hearing aids with high quality
- Available in omnidirectional and directional microphones
- Automatic
- Sound stabilizer
- Noise reduction system
- 3-channel
- Automatic feedback managing to reduce feedback
- Long battery life with a beeping tone to warn you when the battery is low

7) Widex Bravo:
- Lower cost, basic digital Widex hearing aids with high quality
- Particularly suitable for use in relatively quiet environments, where the user is not regularly exposed to difficult hearing conditions.
- Consumes very low battery power
- 2-channel
- Noise reduction and clear speech reproduction system
- Indicates when the battery is low

8) Widex Elan:
- Open fit Widex hearing aids
- Available in the following ranges: Widex Inteo, Widex Aikia, Widex Divo, Widex Vita and Widex Bravissimo