Hearing Aid Ratings - Hearing Aid Reviews

Whilst trying to find a hearing aid instrument for our mother, we found a lot of interesting facts that could possibly help others get to know more about the world of hearing loss. Here we will show how we did the hearing aid comparisons and some hearing aid ratings. Join us in the quest of reviewing and comparing the best hearing aids.

Who Invented The Hearing Aid Device - Inventor

Exactly who invented the hearing aid first, that leads to today's modern small hearing aid devices. Who is the inventor of the hearing aid?

After doing much research, we found out that it could be Alfonzo Miltmore who first came up with Akoulathon, an electric hearing aid which reach production in 1898. In 1900, Hutchison and Kelley then helped improved on the existing patent hearing aid and made the hearing aid more reliable and smaller in scale.

And the rest is history. But on About.com, it is stated that Dr Miller Reese Hutchinson, is actually the first one to invent the electrical hearing aid in 1902. The Acousticon Hearing Aid was what he invented.

So it is hard to say who is the first. I say the one with the patent approved first.